Q.) Will you help create my ad?

A.) Yes. Whether it be a promotional design or message to a fully animated video clip. Our design & marketing team will help assist you in creating an unforgettable message, capturing more brand awareness then ever before.

Q. Where do the trucks drive?

A.) Our mobile LED billboard travels through the highest volume traffic areas in downtown Toronto. We know the absolute busiest intersections, and the best times to travel through them. Your campaign will generate more attention then ever before.    

*See how our custom targeted routes are designed by clicking

Q. What can I display?

A.) You can display your brand in any format you desire. Everything from simple font, text promotions, full colour animation graphics and digital video advertisement. >p< Our mobile LED billboards now have the technology to display a live feed of any event you may be hosting, sporting events ( UFC, World Cup, NFL, NBA, etc ), movie night, karaoke songs and even transform our truck into a video game for the kids ( Playstation, X-Box, Nintendo, etc ). 

Q. Is there a fee to change / update my ad ?

A.) You can update or change your campaigns advertising message at any time with no extra cost. We can display a different advertisement on each panel for your company or use are three panels for one specific message.

Q. What about weather conditions?

A.) All of our trucks LED panels are 100% weather proof for all four seasons of the year. Whether its rain, snow or shine, we will be able to provide a clear quality campaign for your business with no interruptions all year round.

Q. How do they work?

A.) Our mobile LED billboard trucks are fully equipped with an advanced computer software system, that communicates your creative content display to the LED screens instantaneously with the click of a button.