Intelligent LED Technology: Mercedes Benz - Street Media Advertising

by Super User

Each and every day there is a new invention, a new strategy, or some kind of brilliant idea to enhance the world in one way shape or form. We are proud and excited to announce that even one of the biggest and highest performance luxury car companies have decided to use the exact technology that we use at Street Media Advertising. We are talking about intelligent LED technology and the company we are talking about is none other then, Mercedes Benz. We will take an in depth look at how the new Mercedes Benz CLS AMG decides to integrate LED lighting to every car made across the globe, in a way you have never seen before.

Modeled on nature, just as the human eye generates a high resolution image using numerous receptors.

The New Yonge Eglinton Centre - Street Media Advertising

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The economy is growing at a rapid pace, moving faster then we can ever imagine. The newest toys and gadgets are being unveiled everyday from all different countries around the world. Social media is booming, new apps are always being created, allowing people of all ages to become more interactive with each other. Everybody in this society uses some form of smart phone device, computer, tablet or hand held electronics. Each new device, social media, or app has all companies looking for a creative way to interact with potential customers, buyers, clients etc. Street Media Advertising has come up with multiple ways you can determine what to do with your companies advertising campaign in the new changing market.