Major Sports Stadiums Turning to LED Lighting - Street Media Advertising

by Super User

There are many advantages to using intelligent LED lighting, such as energy savings for big time corporations, safer vision for luxury vehicles and a higher quality playing field for professional sports. A large impact LED lighting has is on all major sports arenas and stadiums. We will look into which stadiums, teams and sports decide to embrace the power and advantages of intelligent LED lighting.

A very informative and detailed article is available at The Washington Post. Giving full details on why sports arenas have made the decision to install LED lighting to stadiums across the globe. We give full credit to The Washington Post for writing all major details on this topic. 

For years now, all sports stadiums have used metal halide lights to illuminate playing fields and surfaces. However, today arenas are turning to LED lights, which have already made inroads in everything from city street lights to Christmas lights.