Street Team Promotions and Advertising

Do you need your latest promotion in the hands of potential customers? See how you can utilize a street team & add tremendous value to your latest campaign today.

   Use SMA's brand ambassadors to approach your demographic prospect and put your product in their hands today! Whether you are an existing major corportion or a new start up business, street team promotions are great for all types of campaigns. We special in: Coupon / Flyer distribution, mobile app downloads, registration sign-ups, building social media following, promo codes, etc.  

  • Coupon / Flyer Distribution 
       Our team can distribute any flyer and or special coupon promotion for your business. We make sure that your content is going into the proper demographic markets hands, increasing your rate of return and eliminating unqualified prospects. Place us at any venue, indoor / outdoor, sporting event, concert, festival, private function, or any destination of your choice. 

  • Mobile App Downloads
       Looking for more future clients to:
    A.) Find / notice your company app?
    B.) Download & use your app?
       Our brand ambassadors do a superior job when it comes to having potential customers pull out their smart phone and download YOUR mobile application.

  • Build Social Media Following 
       Today is a new era of technology and social media is a huge factor when it comes to brand awareness, online marketing and reaching out to new prospects. Utilizing a street team will allow you to build your social media page following or specific post following. We excel in building your organic page likes, tags, comments, shares and re-posts. 

  • Promo Codes
       Using promotional codes can be critical when it comes to seeing results from your marketing campaign. if you are running a new promotion or special sale, allow our team to push your promo code into the hands of new and existing clients. 

  • >Registration Forms
       Do you need more prospects in your data base? Having a data base of qualified customers can be key when it comes to sales and marketing. Having a group of experienced brand ambassadors with SMA will allow you to capture qualified leads from registration form sign-ups. Get immediate feedback from daily promotions. Retain information such as: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Comments, etc. 

  • Ad- Backpacks 
       Ad-Backpacks feature internal LED lighting which allows your media to be seen in the middle of the day and in the evening time. They feature on-board batteries which power the LED lights for up to twelve hours. Our walking billboards will increase your on-street presence like never before.