Partners & Relations

Street Media Advertising serves a wide range of clientele across several industries and ranging from small business owners to top fortune 500 companies. 

Street Media Advertising is an incomparable company comprised of a team of advertising and marketing professionals. Our efficient research has resulted in a highly effective technique, known as Digital Mobile LED Billboards, granting companies the opportunity to uniquely advertise their campaigns.   

These new, innovative marketing strategies generates large volume sales and profits, allowing companies to reach more consumers than ever before in the advertising world. SMA serves the needs of innovative vendors who use our technology platform to create breakthrough solutions that give them competitive advantage and enable them to achieve peak performance. 

SMA stands by it's expertise in the field of marketing, advertising and sales with all brands. We believe that bringing together people, technology & business is the way forward. We are taking over the GTA's advertising scene with the newest, most eye catching advertising service available. This marketing approach has been proven effective in the biggest cities all across America, and we are now bringing it to the local Toronto communities.